The selling process

There are four key stages to selling a property

Finding a buyer

Your property is up on the market ready for potential buyers to start viewing.

Accepting an offer

You've been offered a price that you are happy to sell at.

Exchanging contracts

The solicitors will arrange for you to sign contracts and arrange a moving date.

Completing the sale

The transaction is now complete and you can pick up your keys.

How we can help

The fastest, least stress free move happens if you are prepared for all four steps, from the outset. You will need an estate agent to help you through the whole process; you will also need a solicitor for steps three and four, as this involves legal transfer.

A solicitor won’t look at your case until you’ve found a buyer and accepted an offer, by which time you want to get moving. However, if the solicitor only starts your case when you’ve found a buyer, it can take a long time for them (and you) to sort out the paperwork!

That’s where Homefast come in. By helping you in advance to prepare all the necessary paperwork the solicitor will need to do the legal transfer, you can be ready to exchange as soon as you find a buyer and accept an offer.

What is needed in order to start the legal transfer of your property?

The questionnaires that need to be completed will guide you through all the information required and if you have any questions, Homefast are on the end of the phone to help you. However as a general overview, you will need to be able to locate your Title Deeds and then here is a list of the types of information that you will need to assemble:

  • Is the property freehold or leasehold?
  • What Council Tax band does the property fall within?
  • What recent changes have been made to the property?
  • Is it double glazed?
  • Are there any building restrictions or conditions?
  • What utilities serve the property (eg gas/electricity; is there central heating; details of the water supply. Also information regarding satellite/cable TV)?
  • What are the specific boundaries and access?
  • Are there any specialist issues (like dry rot or asbestos;  or flooding; or neighbours’ planning applications)?

The list above is not exhaustive, it is illustrative of the types of question and the levels of detail required. If you are unsure of the meaning of any of the terms above, please refer to our FAQs. When it comes to actually completing the questionnaire and knowing where to find the information, your personal Homefast moving consultant will help you with anything you are unsure about.